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Annunciata/Annunziata: Annunziata (translated in Greek as Evaggelistria) is the famous Catholic church of Lontsiada, devoted to the Annunciation and to Aghia Loukia (Santa Lucia, in latin). It was built in the 14th century, but, today, the bell tower and a part of the sanctuary have only been saved.

Annunziata is a monument of Paneuropean importance, since it is here that the Latin Nobles, who were killed at the naval battle of Nafpaktos (1571), were buried. Nafpaktos naval battle was the largest naval battle ever seen to that day and was the end of the marine threat of the Turks.
After the devastation of the church, during the Nazi bombardments on 14/9/1943, the bones were transferred to the Catholic Cemetery of Corfu (Kerkyra), at the Cappuccini region.

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