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S.M.ART BUIL.T International Conference - Final Official Announcement




S.M.ART. BUIL.T. “Structural Monitoring of ARTistic and historical BUILding Testimonies” is a project funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Italy 2007/2013, and leaded by the Polytechnic of Bari. The core idea of “S.M.ART. BUIL.T.” is risks prevention, which concerns not only the prevention of loss of lives and properties, but also the preservation of artistic and historical
buildings from natural hazards.

Architectural heritage is an important part of the history and identity of Italy and Greece, contributing to their economy and well being. On the other side, ancient buildings suffer a high vulnerability to dynamic loads, which may induce an unpredictable partial or total collapse. Recent past experience after L’Aquila earthquake strongly evidence this problem.

The main objectives are the implementation of procedures for the structural monitoring, the seismic vulnerability assessment, the development of guidelines for strengthening and repair of the historical buildings (in Trani and Corfu). The two historic centers are made up of many ancient and brittle masonry buildings, mostly built with local stone, representative of a widespread typology in the Mediterranean area.

To circulate and diffuse the information produced in the project as much as possible, there were been organized seminars and workshops both in Italy and in Corfu, completely dedicated to dissemination and external communication, in order to enhance the diffusion of knowledge and information, as well as the results achieved step by step by the project team, to an audience of experts such as professional architects and engineers, building officials, educators, researchers, students, masonry construction professionals, and everyone else interested in the art and science of masonry historical buildings.


The international project “S.M.ART.BUIL.T.” aims at providing to technical officials of the territorial authorities of Puglia and Ionian Islands Regions some indispensable training tools for the development and/or validation of structural restoration projects and seismic rehabilitation of historical buildings. Most of buildings of artistic value are invariably built of masonry, a material as old as the civilization and with a 10,000 years record of success and lasting qualities.

The International Conference titled “HISTORICAL CENTRES AMONG CULTURE, ART AND TECHNIQUES: A NEW PARADIGMA FOR RISKS PREVENTION THROUGH STRUCTURAL MONITORING” is the most important action of diffusion activities of the S.M.ART.BUIL.T. project and it is open to all experts in the following topics: seismic and structural monitoring, historical and artistic heritage in order to exchange experience of correlated research areas. The purpose is to make the conference a forum for dissemination of the latest scientific and technical developments and for exchange of new ideas in emerging topics of the project.

The international conference is planned to be held in Bari (Italy) at the beginning of April 2014

Invited lectures on specific topics strictly related with the major research issues will alternate with presentations on several topics of general interest, coming from this call for abstracts. Depending on the number of abstracts, a poster session might be organised.
Α book of abstracts will be distributed during the conference; powerpoint presentations will be made available on the S.M.ART. BUIL.T. website ( after the event. Extended versions of selected papers will be considered for publication in peerreviewed journals in the field of the conference.

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