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S.M.ART. BUIL.T. International Conference [27-29/3/14]


The International Conference titled Historical Centres among Culture, Art and Techniques: a new paradigma for risks prevention through structural monitoring is the most important action of diffusion activities of the S.M.ART. BUIL.T. project. It was open to all experts in many state-of-art topics including seismic and structural monitoring, historical and artistic heritage in order to exchange experience of correlated research areas. The purpose for the conference organization was to establish a forum for dissemination of the latest scientific and technical developments and for the wide exchange new ideas in emerging topics that lay within the project scientific focus.

The International Conference was organized in Bari Italy, on March 27-29, 2014.

Invited lectures on specific topics strictly related with the major research issues were alternated with presentations on several topics of general interest, forming a high-quality technical program. A book of abstracts was also distributed during the conference and extended versions of selected papers are now considered for publication in peer-reviewed journals.