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Politecnico di Bari - Project Leader

The “Politecnico di Bari” is a technical university funded in 1990 by the confluence of existing departments and institutes of the University of Bari. Nowadays, the “Politecnico di Bari” is organized in
11 departments and a network of 3 Faculties of Engineering and Architecture, with a central administration and management. The researchers working at the Structural Engineering section of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (D.I.C.A.) develop their research activity in the following fields: computational mechanics; structural monitoring; structural restoration; earthquake hazard; seismic protection systems, and are involved in many national and international projects.

The laboratory “M. Salvati” for materials and structure testing, that is going to be transferred to a new structure thus becoming the greatest laboratory in the South of Italy, can perform dynamic tests on civil structures, as well as tests for improving the earthquake resistance of constructions.

University of Salento

The University of Salento is a public university which includes 10 Faculties and 17 departments. The researchers working at the Department of Engineering for Innovation have gained a broad experience in the design of dynamic testing procedures and in the use and development of analysis software packages for operational modal analysis.

Municipality of Trani

Trani is characterized by a strong commitment to preservation of historic centers. It has already prepared a Typological Manual for its historic center, which concerns the specifics (materials used, design assumptions, etc.) for the construction of historical building.

Regional Direction for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Puglia

The “Regional Direction for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Puglia”, is a territorial division at the general management level of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities which furthers cultural affairs in the geographic area under its jurisdiction. These activities principally concern the preservation and maintenance of the bound architectural patrimony. In particular, the Office imposes the necessary interventions to the owners and/or holders of cultural heritage in order to assure the maintenance.

Municipality of Corfu

The Corfu Municipality Sola Shareholder Company SA (former Corfu Municipality Enterprise for Common Welfare), which is the unique stakeholder. It has great experience in the field of promotion and management of cultural affairs. In particular, for Corfu is already available a Management Plan for the Old Town, for the preservation of historical buildings.

Ionian University - Department of Informatics

The Department of Informatics of the Ionian University is specialized in the area of Information Systems. According to the modern international needs, the staff is comprised of experienced scientists with a strong vocation for interdisciplinary. The research areas most related to the project objectives are: signal processing; wireless computer networks; ad hoc networks; computational applications for non-linear dynamic systems. 

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